IoT Development by SMART IT: Connect everything to everyone

IoT Development by SMART IT: Connect everything to everyone

Utilizing technologies to help you connect to the edge, analyze data, build applications, and create augmented reality experiences, Smart-IT enables you to fully explore the potential of IoT, finding the right end-to-end solutions to maximize the impact on your operations.


Device-Level Development

Resource constrained intelligent data acquisition and control systems WiFi, 3G, 4G, 802.15.4, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, etc

Cloud-Level Development

Advanced solutions allowing for remote device update and management Internet of Things transformation and connectivity

App-Level Development

Domain specific or device specific apps run on smartphones, tablets, PCs or alternatively on specialized IoT devices including control panels

Companies We Serve
With a diverse team specializing in hardware, cloud strategies, software, systems engineering, architecture, data science, design, Big Data strategies, and more, we are able to create a complete IoT solution for literally any system for:

System Integrators

Device Manufacturers

Independent Software Vendors

Gateway Vendors

Business Solution Providers

Network & Communication Vendors

We have the experience and industry knowledge to support you in your unique industry and technology endeavors.
What You’ll Get

Smarter, Connected Products

We can help you innovate and take advantage of wearables, connected sensors, beacons, and other mobile devices. Our experience with new technologies allows us to quickly prototype new solutions, test new business models, and help your organization create competitive advantage with a cost-efficient approach to fast-paced innovation.

Integrated Security

We integrate security into every aspect of the software development lifecycle. Not to slow it down with security constraints, but to increase productivity by eliminating the need to find and fix security vulnerabilities after the fact. We apply sound security practices to architecture, eliminating 50% of the vulnerabilities at the source.

A Few Words from Our Clients

“We turned to Smart IT for a solution, for they had a sizable workforce with proven experience in development, optimization and maintenance of web and mobile gaming apps and high-load back-end systems underlying them. Smart IT joined the project, and quickly executed solution architecture and design, development, and quality assurance. As a result, we owe Smart IT increased performance and facilitated configuration of all the types of updates.”

Andy Savage, R&D Manager, WowWee