About us

We are a close-knit team of programming professionals and business brains making the most out of modern and innovative technologies to power the ideas of our clients. We’re building on trust everything we do: on the trust in our people, and on the trust in our clients.

What is our background?

Smart IT was founded on trust. One genuine code cruncher, who had been programming since high school, placed his confidence in his university friends to start a company together. Fast forward to the present, that same company has become a trusted partner for a wide network of clients.

For Smart IT, working on a project is not about using technology alone, it is about building relationships. Great partnerships are built on trust — this applies to our employees and clients. Achievements can be made when everyone is on the same page and is aware of their area of accountability. This lies at the core of our business and is hard-wired into our internal processes.

What is our advantage?

Who have we worked with?

Over the years early-stage startups and Fortune 100 companies have placed their confidence in Smart IT to help them scale in traditional, as well as digital industries. Our company is a center of excellence that helps businesses across a multitude of industry sectors, from microfinance and banking, to insurance and healthcare.

We work with each and every client individually. That is why we do not commit to a single engagement model, but rather evaluate and offer the one that is most appropriate for the client’s needs.

What can clients expect?


What we

What we DO

  • put people first
  • build relationships
  • meet clients in person
  • stay connected
  • speak upfront
  • employ professionals only
  • never compromise
  • never let you compromise
  • eat shwarma together

What we DON’T

  • quit
  • hire junior developers
  • keep clients hanging
  • subcontract
  • leave things unfixed
  • surf the web without good reason
  • ignore sports
  • drive teslas. yet
  • skip shwarma fridays

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Quick facts

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Meet the senior team

Alex Kulitski, Founder and CEO at Smart IT

AlexFounder, CEO

  • When did you start coding?

    13, commercially at the age of 15

  • What is your dream destination?


  • Favorite app?

    Reminders (iOS)

  • Favorite quote?

    -“If there’s anyone responsible for solving your problems, it’s you”

  • Main achievement in life so far?

    Starting up Smart IT and getting it to where it is now.

  • Main mission at Smart IT?

    Create and sustain a productive environment for work, development, and self-fulfillment of talented people.


  • When did you start coding?


  • What is your dream destination?


  • Favorite app?

    “Don’t slouch” Telegram bot

  • Favorite quote?

    -“They say every day’s a gift, but why does it have to be a pair of socks?”

  • Main achievement in life so far?

    Being alive and sane.

  • Main mission at Smart IT?

    Deliver quality software on time.


  • When did you start coding?

    I was 8

  • What is your dream destination?


  • Favorite app?

    Coin Flip

  • Favorite quote?

    “Knowledge says that sometimes you need to push the button to wash your hands. Experience says that you'd better back up a little bit pushing it.”

  • Main achievement in life so far?

    Preserved childhood friendships and did not miss out on making new ones as an adult.

  • Main mission at Smart IT?

    Discover new opportunities.

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