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From EHR Integration to billing and e-prescription software, we provide healthcare software development services aimed at transforming your business. Get healthcare solutions fitting your business vision!

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Healthcare technology is leveraging innovation to boost healthcare, wellness, and fitness. Healthcare professionals rely on information technology systems and healthcare app development services to do their jobs.

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Smart IT is responsible for the entire development of MEDvidi, a fully functional telemedicine platform. At the moment, the platform integrates and combines all medical services provided by our Client's proprietary online and offline clinics. The scope of development included building a robust video and voice conferencing tool, custom CRM and EHR/EMR systems compliant with HIPPA requirements, as well as a number of third party integrations to facilitate payments, marketing, and communication.


case study Smart IT
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    technologies utilized
  • 20

    months of development
  • 11

    specialists on the team
  • 270%

    business revenue growth

Technologies and tools in healthcare software development

Healthcare technology helps to power research and make healthcare professionals more productive. Smart IT has been working with clinics, pharma companies, and healthcare startups, helping each one to roll-out innovative solutions used by thousands of people worldwide. From Telemedicine app development to EHR integration, no healthtech project is too large for us.

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Why choose our healthcare software development company?

We've been working with clinics, pharma companies, and healthcare startups helping each one of them to roll-out medical application solutions used by thousands of people worldwide. If your business wants to partner with a team that has vast expertise in the healthcare industry, then you’ve come to the right place.

  1. How software has been leveraged extensively in healthcare
  2. How is artificial intelligence being used in healthcare
  3. Why use custom healthcare software?
  4. What software is used in healthcare?

Business values for Healthcare Organizations

  • Strategic Approach

    We stand for a coherent and far-reaching approach. Our project managers and medical software development experts have a solid background and are flexible in terms of establishing the most efficient collaboration

  • Healthcare Solutions Enhancement

    Optimizing the healthcare system is vital for quality performance. Our custom healthcare software development is a result of collaborative decision-making aimed at delivering better care for patients

  • Automated Clinical Workflows

    From collecting and processing medical workflow data to provide contactless treatment, to developing management software for remote patient monitoring — our solutions allow healthcare organizations to automate routine processes and reach out to more patients


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  • icon What if I am looking for a different solution??>

    That’s perfectly fine! And we are here to help you find it. We are always working on showcasing the solutions that have helped our clients and will be expanding the list to help new clients identify a match. If you are looking for a solution that is not listed above, you can request a free call to discuss the details and we will find a solution together that aligns with your requirements.

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    Healthtech solutions are quite varied and are not all employed by medical practices and healthcare services operators. Smart IT has also collaborated with clients ranging from insurance companies to personal fitness coaches on building health insurance software and healthcare applications for personal monitoring (respectively).

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  • icon Do I have to manage my dedicated team myself??>

    That depends on how much you would like to, but we definitely encourage you to be in touch with your team. The process is normally conducted via the software engineering team lead or directly with outstaffed team members. In the event that you are unable to oversee the project or dedicate time to managing communications, please make sure an authorized representative can act on your behalf. This will help to prevent delays and will ensure a continuous pace of work. Find out how we can help you manage your dedicated team or outstaffed developers.

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  • icon Will I have to manage the solution on my own once work is finished??>

    Of course not. If you would like our team to continue providing project support, maintenance, and quality assurance even after the bulk of the work is done. Some of our clients have extended the work scope beyond the initial deadlines and continued collaboration. If you are devising a long-term project, then you can rest assured we will be the ones to help you get there, we are in it for the long-haul too.

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  • icon How do you pick the best technology stack for my project??>

    When it comes to picking the technology stack, there is no best one, but the most appropriate one for the task at hand. At Smart IT, you will find that we are quite comfortable discussing the ‘techie details’ from the start. Our team is happy to compare notes if you already have ideas as to the technology stack you want to use or happy to help you define one after analyzing your project requirements.

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  • icon Would you be interested in partnering with me??>

    Depending on if you have prior experience running a successful business, or you have launched a successful startup, we would be eager to learn how we can help. We have previously entered partnerships with clients that we are happily pursuing today. Perhaps, your idea is the next one we will pick. If you are open to forming a joint-equity startup or would like to offer a stake in your existing business, please reach out to us via the contact form on the right.

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    Yes they do, but not all of them. Opting to make their brand identity public is completely left to the client’s discretion. While it undoubtedly serves as a point of pride to display yet another logo on our website, we understand that not all might share that sentiment. If you are ever in doubt whether revealing information about your company might be detrimental to your business reputation or not, we will show understanding. It will be up to you to decide, which route to take on the subject.

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  • icon I would like to become a distributor of your services. Are you open to that? ?>

    If you are someone who is familiar with the telehealth, health tech or healthcare industry on a deep level and have a solid network of people, who would be interested in healthcare software development, you are a great match! Reach out to us directly or via the contact form on your right to speak about referring our services. If you have other ideas for collaboration, definitely reach out to us. We are happy to learn about such opportunities.

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Kulitski, Founder of Smart IT

‘Our focus is making sure that we develop the software that reduces health providers’ burden. Whether we launch a telemedicine platform or patient portal, we want to provide a fully developed patient-oriented service and solid support for medical workers.’

Alex Kulitski, Chief Executive Officer at Smart IT

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We enable healthcare organizations to offer a great customer experience and become more patient-centric by implementing custom healthcare software into their products and business operations

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