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Our team provides expert custom application development services for fast growing businesses and emerging startups. We have created numerous custom application development solutions used by in-house teams, as well as enterprise-grade software used by large corporations worldwide.

Custom application development services we provide

Developed to fit like a glove

Compared to out-of-the-box solutions, custom applications can be tailored to specific business needs. Custom software does give companies the liberty to define the rules, it lets them build processes and features from the ground up. Don’t just pay for what you get, get what you want.

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Technologies: Node.js, React, MongoDD, WebRTC

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Custom CRM development


Technologies: Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC 5, JavaScript, jQuery, LINQ, MS SQL

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Web development and API integration1


Technologies: Node.js, MongoDB, Kafka, React

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Online survey software development


Technologies: Angular 2, Node.js, Feathers, MongoDB, Git, HTML, CSS, jQuery

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Robotic toys mobile control dashboard1


Technologies: Express.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Angular.js, Jade, CoffeeScript

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Bot integration and custom CRM development1

What our custom app development service delivers to your business


Technologies and tools

For over ten years (and counting) we've been cultivating the advancement of our engineers throughout diverse technology stacks, be it Java, Angular, React, PHP, Kotlin, .NET, Laravel, Vue.js or good old CSS. We're proud of being able to deliver the best of each technology to you. No matter the challenge, Smart IT can deliver custom application development services worthy of your business.

Challenges we solve for your business

As an end-to-end app development company, we put your business needs first and adapt mobile or web software to them. We understand the challenges your business might face and how a development team can best overcome all the hurdles.

What to expect from our app development services company

  • Robust framework

    The thrust of our strategy is openness. Our project managers and app development experts have a solid background and are flexible in terms of establishing the most efficient collaboration.

  • Win-win collaboration

    We are one of those app development companies that are very passionate about their work. We are eager to share new trends and generate insights concerning your business creating the best decisions and thought-out solutions. So we can benefit your project by building a team that not only delivers the technological solution but also helps you find additional growth points.

  • Long-term cooperation

    We focus on long-term collaboration and are ready to work with our clients for as long as they need it.


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  • icon What engagement models are you open to??>

    Our core competency is in creating Dedicated Teams and Staff Augmentation that add value to businesses before, during, and after product release. Smart IT is also happy to consider a Cost and Equity engagement model, where we could take a personal share of your company. If you have a great idea that you would like to explore as a partnership, let’s talk it over and see if we align? Hit us up in the contact form on your right or via the big red “Work with us” button in the website menu.

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    Choosing to go with Smart IT you are investing your time and money into a small, but nonetheless talented business and IT services provider. We employ the top talent available in our R&D region. All software engineers are carefully vetted to uphold the best standards of language, ethics, and skills. We make clients happy and happy clients have shared their thoughts with the world. We encourage you to browse through our case studies and testimonials. You can also find reviews on websites like Clutch and GoodFirms straight from the horse’s mouth, so to say.

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  • icon Not all of your case studies mention your clients by name. Why is that??>

    As trivial as it may be, we are bound by an NDA. Not all of them opt to go the anonymous route, but some do. Naturally, we are always happy to feature the company or brand name, but sometimes have to resort to obscure references. We are able to go into details about the type of work done and the service offered. If you feel like the software solution described is similar to your idea or current product, we would be happy to take up the subject by email or on a call.

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    We vet our candidates' resumes meticulously. Candidates with a competitive programming background are preferred. They are then offered to solve a set of practical problems hand-picked by our CTO. This is followed up by a one-on-one interview with our team lead. As a next step, we do a roundup of references from previous employers and only then invite the candidate to interview with our CEO directly.

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    We set up our team schedule to align with you in a way that guarantees at least 5 hours of overlap with your time zone. This way we make sure there is no delay in communication and everyone can be reached at the needed moment. You will not have to worry about managing a team that is out of reach and halfway across the globe.

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    We don’t hire junior developers if that’s what you mean. Our software engineers are mid-senior level professionals, who preferably have a background in competitive programming. Since our founders come specifically from that background, we find that it gives us an ‘edge’ in how we solve our client’s problems.

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    If your project budget is undefined or you want to know more about our rates, do let us know. We can put together a detailed cost sheet and put our finger on the most viable engagement model that works for you. Our goal is to provide you with as much flexibility as possible considering our own risks as well. Head on over to the contact form on the right and check the 'Rates' box to talk about project scope and budget.

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  • icon Do you have expertise in other tech stacks beside the ones I see on your web site??>

    Absolutely! The subject of the tech stack is only discussed after we get to learn more about your project's business requirements and scope unless you already have a software project that needs additional developers. In that case, we will find the software engineers with the required skill set. Check the ‘Stack’ box on the right if you want to learn about a particular programming language or framework. We will get back to you in no time.

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Testimonials and reviews

Selected case study

  • Custom CRM Solution for Zaman Broker
    1. Insurance and Reinsurance Operator Zaman Broker turned to Smart IT to scale and automate business processes by implementing a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The dedicated development team seamlessly migrated the functionality of the previous system without disruption to daily operation. The new system was enhanced with sales pipeline management, call center functionality, and custom report building to accommodate the running of the business.

  • 6

    software engineers in a dedicated team
  • 35%

    business revenue growth post implementation
  • 21

    months duration of the project so far
  • 100%

    compliance with the predefined testing roadmap

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