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Integrated instant fund transfer and account clearing house software systems with the local server infrastructure and application ecosystem of Vietnam Central Bank.


Our client was a financial technologies and software-as-a-service company developing solutions for big profile companies in banking such as Raiffeisen, Citibank, Moscow Exchange Group, as well as other banks, stock exchanges, clearing houses, and brokerages in over 50 countries.


The Client wanted to add more development talent to their in-house development team and try the outsourcing model. Smart IT’s engineer worked on deploying the Client’s funds transfer system and clearing house software applications on the Vietnam Central Bank servers and integrating them with the local infrastructure.

Technologies and tools

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Challenges and Solutions

Communication would be the first point that had to be addressed. The Client was based in a time zone different to our software developer, while the Vietnam Central Bank team worked from a different time zone to the two other parties.
  • Knowledge transfer from main development team
  • Communication with technical specialists from VCB
During development the team faced several network related issues restricting access to servers even via VPN, high ping between our office and the remote servers.
  • Proposed network access configuration tweaks to Vietnam technical team
A major challenge was the software application’s monolithic structure, which was difficult to support, maintain, and interoperate.
  • Engaged in minor code refactoring
  • Introduced modular architecture and microservices where possible
  • Introduced new connector modules and new data transfer protocols


Smart IT’s software developer made substantial input in implementing the following solutions on Vietnam local servers:
  • Integrating Instant Funds Transfer (IFTS) System
  • Integrating Account Clearing House (ACH) System
  • Establishing efficient communication between all system components
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