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We offer more than just FinTech app development and design services. Experience digital transformation in financial services that drives business success. From banking software database design to full-scale product engineering in FinTech

Financial software development services we deliver

We’re a fintech development company that seeks to conquer the impossible with our well-rounded services. Our goal is to open new doors concerning the market for all of our customers.

What our fintech software service delivers to your business

Our expertise and proficiency in fintech product development have helped many clients to create digital solutions from scratch as well as optimize, and monetize them.

Microfinance Product Engineering for Finitera

Finitera is a financial services business working in the unsecured lending and alternate finance industries. The overarching challenge was to adapt the software to their needs without having to go through a time-consuming talent sourcing process. Secondly, Finitera wanted to expand the business into new markets, which required making modifications to the software to comply with local regulations.


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  • 150K

    new customers in less than a year
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    months of development (and counting)
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    person full-time team
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    new markets entered

Technologies and tools used in financial sectors

This is where a custom financial software development company like ours comes into play. Our expertise in fintech mobile app development matters, no doubt about that. But just as important is our understanding of the technology that powers FinTech software & mobile apps. Our engineers have far-reaching experience using Java, PHP, .NET, as well as other advanced technologies such as Scala and Angular. If you are looking to hire fintech developers - Smart IT is your #1 choice.

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You found your perfect fintech software development team

Smart IT is one of few fintech app development companies committed to becoming a mission-critical and long-term partner for your business. Whether that means working closely with your existing fintech application development team, following your business vision, or vetting and building a product engineering team — your business mission will become ours. Choose Smart IT's fintech software development services to support your product and make us an asset in your success.

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What to expect from our fintech development company

  • One-on-one collaboration and strong partnership

    We stand for clear communication and openness. Our fintech product development experts have a solid background and will pick the technology stack that fits your current business digital infrastructure

  • Product planning and strategy

    We are eager to share new trends and generate insights to establish the best decision-making process and thought-out solutions. Strategic planning helps to reach an alignment between actions and resources

  • Security and compliance

    The major challenge for us as a fintech development agency is the data protection and security of your business. With our decade-long expertise in the FinTech industry, we adhere to the principle of putting security first


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  • icon I don’t see the solution I’m interested in. What are my options??>

    The options are plenty. Being a custom app development house, we do not just commit to a predefined set of solutions, but craft them uniquely around the needs of our clients. So when it comes to building a new software application from scratch or working with an existing fintech app or platform, we will define the solution that works best for you.

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  • icon I already have a software product. Can you help me tweak or support it??>

    If you purchased an off-the-shelf software solution or had one custom-built for your needs by a team of developers that is no longer available, we would be more than happy to take over app development. Smart IT’s team can help deploy updates and release new features, as well as upgrade the existing application to match its use cases. Leave us a note in the form on the right.

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  • icon Is there a minimum commitment fee to begin work??>

    There is no fixed fee in order to begin work with Smart IT. Your project costs will be calculated based on the number of people involved and the hourly rate, in case you are working with the T&M engagement model. Other models are also possible, though infrequent. We are happy to discuss the engagement model that works best for you on a case by case basis. Please get in touch with us using the contact form by checking the “Rates” box and leaving your contact details. We will get in touch in no time.

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  • icon How do you guarantee the safety and protection of my data??>

    Our data protection policy is governed by the principles of GDPR and CCPA. Moreover, our mutual NDA signed between vendor and client, extends to our employees, who also sign a non-disclosure agreement. Basically, we take a legal oath to protect your data on every level and pledge to keep it.

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  • icon How do I define my tech stack??>

    That is not something you will have to do alone. Unless, of course, you already know the technology stack you need for your new or current project. After a careful review of your project vision, scope statement and technical specification requirement, our team of specialists can help define the appropriate technology stack that aligns with your goals.

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  • icon How much will I be involved in the development process??>

    Your involvement will definitely be required before the project heads into development. We will need as much information about your project as you can provide. Since a team lead or dedicated project manager will relay updates, make clarifications and generally keep you in the loop, we do prefer that you get involved in app development. If, for any reason, you are unable to dedicate time to the project once it starts, we do recommend finding a representative, who would serve as a point of contact on your behalf.

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  • icon Why don’t your case studies mention your clients??>

    While we are quite proud of the dozens and, sometimes, hundreds of hours we have put into our client’s projects, some clients do like to keep app development under wraps. We respect that and would be absolutely understanding if you choose to go this route as well. If, however, there is the off-chance that the information sits well with you, we would love to post your project’s logo and mention you by name in our case studies. For those case studies where we do not publish the client's name, our client’s anonymity and convenience remain our priority.

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    Glad you asked! What did you have in mind? We have partnered up with clients before to explore new startup ideas. If you are someone with a background in entrepreneurship, startups, or have a successful line of business already and are eager to test out a new idea, you came to the right place. Leave us a message pointing to your interest in partnership options and our business development representative will be happy to get in touch in no time.

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Our Achievements Speak Louder than Words

Timothy Partasevitch, CGE

‘Banking structures used to stay in control, but they didn’t use the whole potential of all the data. In contrast, Fintech uses data to predict what’s going to happen next and always has a wiggle room.’

Timothy Partasevitch, Chief Growth Officer at Smart IT

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Fintech Development Strategy

Today’s new market realities demand changes in approach to fintech software product development and modernization in the financial industry. Hire fintech developers that not only provide technological solutions for your business but also build a plan that can propel your company to new levels of growth and profitability

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From building Fintech big data solutions to delivering financial trading technology, we help financial organizations to provide more personalized services and security up to the highest industry standards.