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We develop Insurtech solutions that disrupt the industry. Reach more clients, cut down costs through digital transformation and mitigate human error risks. Go digital with us!

Product design and development in insurance we provide

Benefits of Custom Insurance Software Development

Our custom insurance software solutions support industry initiatives towards digitization and help insurers and tech companies achieve new levels of efficiency.

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Zaman Broker is a large insurance firm based in Azerbaijan. The business covers many types of insurance services — property, construction, travel, professional, personal, and automotive. The existing CRM solution did not deliver personalized customer experiences, lacked flexibility and was not scalable. The client wanted to find an IT partner to take care of software development, process automation, and support to help the business grow.


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  • 100%

    compliance with predefined testing roadmap
  • 35%

    growth after implementation
  • 6

    full-time software developers
  • 9

    technologies employed

Insurtech technologies and tools

As an experienced insurance software development company, here at Smart IT we leverage technology innovation to the advantage of your business. We make sure to stay up-to-date with the most advanced tools as well as with insurance industry insights and trends, to help you transform your ideas into viable and profitable Insurtech software and services.

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Insurance software development services at their best

Insurance is experiencing a wave of digital transformation. As more and more companies adopt technology to manage internal processes and operations, the priority will be to find the right partner for insurance software development. Luckily, Smart IT has helped companies big and small to take the leap forward into a digital future. Still have some questions?

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How Custom Insurance Software Benefits Your Business

  • Reduce operating costs

    Application of insurance software such as artificial intelligence results in reduction of IT operation costs by up to 35%

  • Improve business processes accuracy

    With proper insurance product design you can minimize manual work and improve your risk management

  • 100% regulatory compliance

    Transparency is key to all businesses, but especially insurance providers. We employ only the highest security standards at every step of insurance software development


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  • icon I am a traditional insurer and we do not rely on technology (much)? How can you help my business?
  • icon The expertise I am looking for my Insurance business is not on this page. Can you still help?
  • icon How will I keep track of my project’s progress?
  • icon What technology should I pick for my project?
  • icon Why don’t your case studies mention your clients?
  • icon Would you care to take equity in my project?
  • icon What happens after my project is done?
  • icon I am only starting in insurance. Can your company help me??>

    If your company is a startup, you are in the right place. We work with insurance businesses that are up and running and we help newly-established ones get on track. Our layered knowledge of the insurance world will help you anticipate some of the challenges you may have to face. Forewarned is forearmed, right? We can connect our partners too. Some of the best help comes from mentors, and some of the best mentors are always willing to help. Drop us a line to hear back from us.

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  • icon I am a traditional insurer and we do not rely on technology (much)? How can you help my business??>

    The phrase digital transformation gets thrown around a lot and can mean different things in different contexts. In brief, digital transformation means your business uses modern tools and technology to keep pace with the high rate of digitization across industries. By making the transition to using technology and data in your business you guarantee that you remain relevant to your end users and know how to meet their expectations. We can help insurance services companies effectuate change and take the first step towards digitization. Get in touch to find out how.

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  • icon The expertise I am looking for my Insurance business is not on this page. Can you still help??>

    We have tried to best reflect the solutions we have had the pleasure of developing for our clients. Naturally, we understand that no one client is the same. The solution you require can differ drastically from what we had done before. That is absolutely fine! Our developers are happy to craft an insurance software solution that is unique to you and your business vision. Ping Denis to discuss the solution you are looking for.

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  • icon How will I keep track of my project’s progress??>

    You will be introduced to your project’s team lead, who will send you regular updates. You will be kept in the loop about the insurance software development process of your application or product. We will occasionally ask you to give feedback or make clarifications on the work done. If you have a project manager on your side, we can connect and integrate them into our workflow and communication process. In fact, we appreciate it if you express interest in being an active part of development. Speak to our business development managers to learn more about how you can be a part of the process.

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  • icon What technology should I pick for my project??>

    To answer your question, we have to ask a question: what kind of project do you want to go forward with? If you are unsure of the technology stack you want to use or do not have the relevant technical background, do not fret. Our experts will analyze your insurance software development project requirements and define the best technology stack to make sure it not only meet your goals but to scale as well. Get in touch with our team, to discuss the best tech stack options for you. It is as simple as ticking the checkbox in the contact form next to this question.

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  • icon Why don’t your case studies mention your clients??>

    We fully respect our clients’ desire to remain anonymous and not publicize their collaboration with our team. That’s okay, we are used to being the heroes in the shadows. Though, if you are keen to have your brand name listed or are simply okay with us sharing it with the world, we would be grateful for the opportunity to brag a little.

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  • icon Would you care to take equity in my project??>

    If you have an innovative insurance software idea that you would like to pursue, but do not have the needed know-how or budget to begin, we would definitely review the possibility to help you with it. In fact, we are already running several joint-equity projects with some of our clients. It helps them close the talent gap and lets us gain new insights in compelling market trends. In a nutshell, let’s have a virtual coffee or a real one to discuss your project together.

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  • icon What happens after my project is done??>

    We destroy the hard-drives, unplug the servers, and erase all trace of the work done! Just kidding... We are happy to offer support and maintenance at any stage of your insurance software development process, even once everything is complete. We are even willing to become your long-term partner of choice and a center of excellence that supports your business activities on a regular basis.

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Egor Bulyhin CTO

‘We see an opportunity to continue to grow revenue in the near term as we continue to improve claims and underwriting management with our software. We strive for delivering better tools ultimately for insurers.’

Egor Bulyhin, Chief Technical Officer at Smart IT

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Insurance Product Development Strategy

Today’s new market realities demand changes in approach to product and app development in the insurance industry. When it comes to insurance software development services, you are looking for a long-term partner that can support you beyond product release, that’s where we come into play.

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