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Smart IT is currently helping the banking group and global financial services provider with the development and support of its automated document management solution, which has helped increase the speed and efficiency of internal processes.


The Client is a leading banking establishment in the CIS region. It is part of the banking structure that offers the full suite of banking services for businesses and individuals.


Banking institution staff was having to perform physical file processing and storage — a time-consuming process, given the constantly increasing paper load. The Client approached Smart IT to rescue the development of its internal e-doc archive after the prior vendor was unable to manage the growing scope of work and did not meet deadlines. Smart IT was recommended as the right fit to deliver a viable solution for digitizing physical documents and enabling workflow automation.

Smart IT continues to work with the Client to further optimize maintenance processes and enhance scalability due to an ever-increasing volume of paper forms and document data.

Technologies and tools

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Challenges and solutions

The electronic archive would need to classify and group files by type and retention period, in order to enable systematic retention, management, and subsequent destruction of paper documents.
  • Electronic repository development
  • Integration with band customer account database
  • Configurable directory to discover missing documents
  • Automated filtering and notifications for document disposal dates
Smart IT developers would have to face stringent bank security procedures and would not be able to deploy software updates remotely.
  • On-premise development
  • On-premise deployment
The bespoke document management software was integrated with the bank’s in-house software to ensure full interoperability.


The automated document management solution assisted the bank in increasing speed and efficiency of internal processes. Deliverables included:
  • Business account and physical document matching
  • E-document management (tracking, classification, retention and disposal)
  • OCR software implementation
  • Physical document cataloging
  • Dynamic notifications
  • Admin control panel/back-office
The subsequent benefits of introducing the software solution by the bank were:
  • Removal of human error
  • One virtual access point for all documents and data
  • Physical documents accessible on demand
  • Rote task automation
  • Records processing optimization
  • 25K+

    pages scanned daily
  • 2

    scanning equipment operators required
  • x3

    reduction in page load time
  • 39

    months project duration (ongoing)

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