What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a relatively new discipline which belongs to a larger area of machine learning. Deep learning emerged as yet another attempt to glue Machine learning to AI. The main idea of the whole process is to educate machine on things that are in the natural power of human beings. Based on the text, visuals, or sounds, computers are expected to learn classification tasks using a large set of labelled data and neural network architectures that consist of numerous layers. Read more

Anatomy of M2M

With more businesses relying heavily on M2M and IoT solutions to lower the costs and speed up time-to-market, in the following post we cover some basic terms related to these buzz words.

Let us look first at the global architecture of the whole eco-system and call a spade a spade

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Can you tell apart IoT from M2M?

Logic Relation between the 2 Categories

We heard IoT and M2M are used to bring objects and systems to interact with one another in order to enable data exchange among them. In the following post, we will try to cross the t-s and define those differences that often people ignore speaking about IoT and M2M using these terms interchangeably. If you have a look at these 2 technologies and try to picture them with Euler’s circles to present the connection between them, the IoT subset will be broader and include M2M.

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) – How does it work?

We all hear this strange abbreviation: “M2M” here and there and almost everywhere. We just know it could make our life simpler somehow and we all heard it is connected with machines and IT.  But how does it actually works?

The M2M, which stands for machine-to-machine communications, means the technology that connects machines that are distant from one another using the help of the Internet; and most of these connections are controlled by software.

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Scoop of Industry Trends from around the Globe (Part 1)

Continuing to explore the future of IoT, here, we will try to unveil the common trends in several application areas of this powerful technology and examine what it will bring. Now let’s center our attention on robotics and drons, shopping, logistics as well as consumer journey, smart homes, and wearables.

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Machine-to-Machine Technology: Why We Should All Pay Attention

In the past few years, a number of new technologies has emerged and taken over our lives. If before we used to joke about smart toasters and talking washing machines, now it’s becoming more and more of a reality, especially when it comes to M2M. This technology is incredibly promising, rapidly developing into something that we will soon be using on a daily basis.

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How Will the IoT Landscape Change in the Near Future?

Long back in time, the Edison light bulb was considered a technological breakthrough that shed some light on our daily lives. To tackle the challenges of modern society and address the current business needs, humans have come up with a number of inventions to make their living comfortable and work processes more efficient and cost-effective. Whether through wires or without them, direct communication between various devices or M2M (machine-to-machine) is one of the ideas that was first introduced to the world at the beginning of the 20th century, later evolving into more complex systems with the rise of the Internet.

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Data analytics in healthcare: promise and potential

We live in the world of information. Letters, numbers and figures are our main currency and values nowadays. Collecting and further analyzing data has become one of the most important ways of improving our lifestyle. There’s no better example of showing the vitality of storing and researching data than the healthcare industry.

Apart from making the whole medical process easier and containing fewer steps and unnecessary actions, data analytics in healthcare can help to predict large epidemics, cure fatal diseases, improve the quality of life and, on the whole, prolong our life expectancy.

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How the Internet of things could improve Healthcare industry

The Internet of things is rapidly becoming a widely discussed topic in every social circle. This concept has the ability to impact not only the industries, concerned with its development but the way we live our lives in general. Since healthcare is an essential part of our everyday living, it is no exception when it comes to IoT.

As we are living in the world of rapidly developing technologies, it’s no surprise that the healthcare industry is drastically transformed. In the past few years, the way people, medical devices, and applications interact with each other has been completely reconsidered. And just like any coin has two sides, so does the IoT integration in the healthcare industry.

When talking about the main features of IoT in healthcare we can define several clear pros and cons. Let’s start with the disadvantages.

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