CRM Application Integrations for Fortune 100 Company

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Smart IT is involved in the ongoing software development and application integrations for a Fortune 100 CRM software services provider.


Our Client is a Fortune 100 marketing, sales, and customer service software provider. The company is a well-known Software-as-a-service provider with offices all over the world. A non-disclosure agreement prevents us from referring to the Client’s brand name.


Smart IT was selected as an outsourced development partner to service the Client’s large customer base. Our dedicated team of software engineers worked on a customer relationship management (CRM) system used by the Client’s marketing team internally. The team is now in charge of a number of integrations that connect third party applications with the Client’s software ecosystem.

Technologies and tools

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Challenges and Solutions

Upon joining the Client as a dedicated development team, Smart IT Java engineers would have to get to the root of how the modules they would be working on operated:
  • Extensive knowledge transfer
  • Documentation review
One of the first tasks the team would have to tackle was the billing integration for the Client’s СRM product. This involved making adjustments to the user interface in order to reflect correct billing data depending on package components, VAT, and discounts.
  • UI testing and scripting
  • Billing integration
  • Invoice formation
Smart IT would have to perform a number of time-consuming integrations with the Client’s application marketplace.
  • Data sync integrations (Splunk)
  • Contact management (Sansan)
  • Messenger application integration
Among other things, Smart IT would have to write test scripts and make sure software releases were held to the Client’s standards.
  • Bug fixing
  • Сritical response
  • Software testing
  • Quality assurance

As part of the work completed so far, Smart IT has delivered:
  • Billing integration with Client’s in-house CRM solution
  • Two large scale application integrations into Client’s software ecosystem
Completed integrations enable the Client’s customers to:
  • Integrate the Client’s product with their tool set
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase business process efficiency
Smart IT’s work with the Client is ongoing.
  • 12

    months of development (and counting)
  • 11

    technologies employed
  • 4

    full-time software engineers
  • 4

    hour work day (timezone) overlap

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