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Facing challenges is but a part of the natural lifecycle of any project. Product-market fit, software performance, or a shift in user preferences can all tilt the tide of success, but should in no way restrict business growth. As part of our IT project rescue services our clients receive expert IT consulting on how to best pivot their business and software project rescue in times of need.

Healthcare Software Development

Software project rescue services we provide

Technical barriers eliminated

We consult and provide an ad-hoc intervention into core and peripheral software systems, serving as a lifeline for companies operating software-related services and businesses in need of urgent attention. We jump in to help you resolve bottlenecks, work around showstopper complications, and swiftly intervene to get to the bottom of critical problems.

Project rescue and support services we provide

  • Project Rescue and Development
  • Intervention and Completion
  • Architecture Redesign
  • Application Modernization
  • Reengineering and Refactoring


Making technology work for a large CONSTRUCTION HARDWARE REVIEW COMPANY

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Catalog management software1


Smart IT helps make document management efficient for VTB BANK

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E-document Management Software


Empowering THINFACTORY with engineering talent to support its business-oriented software architecture

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Virtual server management system1


Ensuring stable system operation and compatibility for FINITERA

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Smart banking software


PERSONA.LY system optimization for better business performance

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Shift your business into top gear


Technology stack competence

It takes deep hands-on experience to be able to make technology work for your business and not against it. That's why we've been investing in tech skills of our engineers in established and advanced technologies such as Angular, React, .NET, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, iOS, Android, MS SQL, MySQL, Azure, PostgreSQL, Apache Hadoop, and MongoDB to name a few.


Our IT projects recovery solutions

We strive to rescue a troubled project to bring it to a completely new level with updated software and improved workflow. Here are the top challenges we are helping with.

Shift your business into top gear

  • One-on-one collaboration and strong partnership

    We stand for clear communication and openness. Our project management team has a solid background and will pick the technology stack that fits your scope, budget, and timeline.

  • User-tailored development

    Optimizing the product design and development for your customers is vital for startup quality performance. Our software development process for startups is primarily aimed at solving the client’s problems.

  • Development consulting

    As an experienced software development company, we can foresee and avoid a lot of milestones on the way to creating a high quality software product. Be sure to gain a strategic advantage in your market - we are here to help.


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  • icon Who exactly are your clients?
  • icon How do I know my business needs a Project Turnaround done?
  • icon Can I onboard only one developer on demand, if I don't need the entire team?
  • icon Do you have additional expertise except what is mentioned on this page?
  • icon What it's gonna cost me?
  • icon Do you cover project management as well?
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  • icon I’m still not sure what you mean by Project Turnaround. Care to explain??>

    Think of Project Turnaround as the chance to push a big “Help” button. It is an opportunity to quickly onboard a team of professional software engineers that will give your flailing project or product a second chance. No one likes to work in an emergency, but it doesn’t mean they cannot get outside help. And that is what it is, some outside help in a time of need. If this approximately sounds like the place you are at right now, get in touch with us as soon as you can.

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  • icon Who exactly are your clients??>

    Throughout years in operations, we found ourselves to be more helpful to SaaS companies, growing SMBs, and Startups. But ss technology permeates more and more layers of our daily life, it quite hard to say what is or is not connected to software development. Chances are that your small business can gain big benefits by relying on software. Large corporations are not an island either, and will often seek third-party vendors for help. For all of these technology needs and more, anyone can turn to Smart IT.

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  • icon How do I know my business needs a Project Turnaround done??>

    That's a great question! Many of our clients weren't aware at the beginning, that code refactoring or software architecture re-design is something that will boost the entire performance of their business. Let's talk and find out where you stand right in terms of business goals vs technology bottlenecks. Drop us a line right in the form next to this question and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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  • icon Can I onboard only one developer on demand, if I don't need the entire team??>

    You are free to pick and choose pretty much as you like. We are happy to help you build an efficient dedicated team for full-time software engineering or outstaff developers to extend your existing team. In the latter case, our employees will become an organic extension of your team and work as its remote arm. Though we would ask that you let us know which option you are going with.

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  • icon Do you have additional expertise except what is mentioned on this page??>

    We have tried to compile an extensive list of expertise solutions we have had the pleasure to participate in developing. However, not everything can fit on a web page and our expertise goes beyond what is listed. If you feel that you did not find what you were looking for, please leave us a message via the form on the right. Someone from our team will reach out to discuss the most viable solutions that work for you.

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  • icon What it's gonna cost me??>

    If your project budget is undefined or you want to find out more about our rates, do let us know. We can put together a detailed cost sheet and put our finger on the most viable engagement model that works for you. Our goal is to provide you with as much flexibility as possible, but also mitigate our own risks. Head on over to the contact form right next to this question and check the 'Rates' box to talk about project scope and budget.

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  • icon Do you cover project management as well??>

    As a matter of fact, we have set up project management from the ground up for many clients and continue to help them run the technical side of their business. We do advise to have a point of contact for us on your side for quick briefings, clarifications and some decision-making. If you are not able to provide a project manager or point of contact, your dedicated team and you can figure out a flexible and convenient communication plan that works for both sides.

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  • icon What if I am looking for a different solution??>

    That’s perfectly fine! And we are here to help you find it. We are always working on showcasing the solutions that have helped our clients and will be expanding the list to help new clients identify a match. If you are looking for a service or expertise not mentioned on this page, you can further browse our website or just fill in the contact form next to this question. We'll get back to you to discuss the details and offer a solution that aligns with your requirements.

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    1. "Our platform was built using a variety of technologies. We needed a team that could support the rapid product development across these technologies, and learn and evolve along the way. Smart IT did their best to accommodate our needs and helped us promptly deliver the best possible version of VideoNote." Ryan Morris, Founder and President, VideoNote

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