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Software development and cloud integration of a hardware monitoring and analytics system for self-service vending machines.


The Client, InVend, is a private company providing self-service kiosk solutions. The company boasts a comprehensive portfolio of both hardware and software products for vending machines.


InVend experienced exponential growth of vending machine sales and an increase of its customer base. Manually monitoring vending machines, which was commonplace, became time-consuming, costly and ineffective. To avoid this having a negative impact on business development, the Client approached Smart IT to develop a prototype solution. Having performed thorough research, Smart IT offered to develop a unified monitoring system.

Technologies and tools


Challenges and solutions

It immediately became apparent that Smart IT would have to rely on sensors and embedded systems to provide data on vending machine supplies.
  • Sensor data aggregation
  • Vending machine network data aggregation
  • New software drivers for optical sensors and limit switches for improved data processing


Addressing all Client requirements, Smart IT delivered a monitoring solution that allows to:
  • Connect to the internet for payment transactions
  • Track the supply of consumables
  • Monitor vending machine wear and tear
  • Gather expenditure and revenue statistics
The solution enabled the client to introduce:
  • Data-driven re-supply and maintenance checks
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Automated analysis of billing data
  • Alignment with business plan and operations
  • 200

    vending machines in network
  • 24/7

  • 40%

    of manual work automated
  • 96%

    efficiency increase

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