Crypto Wallet Integration for Online Casino

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Crypto wallet development and Ethereum blockchain integration for online casino.


Our Client was an online casino startup operating in the iGaming industry. The Client’s website and mobile application provided online casino games available for play in fiat and crypto currencies.


Smart IT was recommended as a trustworthy blockchain development company in order to handle the crypto wallet backend development and integration, as well as to properly configure the off-chain transaction logic.

Technologies and tools

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Challenges and Solutions

Smart IT had to develop the crypto wallet backend from scratch and integrate it with the core gaming platform.
  • Crypto wallet backend development
  • Integration with online gaming platform
  • Integration with mobile application
In order to avoid paying excessive mining transaction fees with every bet made, the in-game transactions were taken off the blockchain.
  • Off-chain transactions using Layer 2 blockchain solution
  • Custom algorithms for calculations and transactions off-chain
  • Wallet synced to work with the Ethereum blockchain
Due to the difficulty of maintaining manual tests for a blockchain related system, Smart IT decided to use the Test Driven Development methodology (TDD).
  • QA tests written before coding, not after
Since hardware resources would be controlled by the blockchain network, the blockchain engineer would need to find a workaround for development.
  • Full Ethereum node for hardware resources management
  • Custom monitoring system for real-time application status checks
  • Automated connectivity maintenance
  • OAuth2-based authorization protocol for agile role and access management
Smart IT’s software engineer would often work with limited resources when it comes to distributed ledger technology products. This would be overcome through:
  • Daily calls with Client
  • Developing fresh software libraries and documentation
  • Agile development process
  • Additional research of third-party solutions


The online casino could now allow its player base to enjoy slots and table games with:
  • Custom crypto wallet
  • Deposit, bets, and withdrawals of winnings available in crypto
  • Custom token support
  • Crypto-supported games
  • Compatibility with desktop and mobile devices
  • Reduced transaction fees
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    hour time zone overlap
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    team members in total
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    Smart IT blockchain engineer

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