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Smart IT developed a custom healthcare CRM system for US-based medical marijuana clinics operated by MDBerry.


MDBerry operates a network of online medical marijuana clinics with licensed specialists in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. The business provides medical assessments, consultations, and medical marijuana certification through. The service is rendered by means of two-way audio-visual communication via the internet. MMJ clinics are fully-licensed, HIPAA- and ASA-compliant, and abide by the rules set out by the New York State Medical Marijuana Programme.


MDBerry intended to scale its online operations to expand the business into new markets. As a result, the executive team put an emphasis on improving the doctor-to-patient communication part of the business. Whereas before the Client had been using a legacy  system that was in need of an upgrade, Smart IT helped develop and perfect a custom CRM system, as well as additional features and components. The collaboration with MDBerry took place in two phases. Phase One focused on developing a custom CRM platform and Phase Two currently entails ongoing development, maintenance, and support.

Technologies and tools

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Challenges and solutions

Phase One required the team to implement a brand new video-chat component. It would enable a patient to seek healthcare advice from a doctor online using an appointment booking system or a live online queue.
  • WebRTC integration (relatively new technology then)
  • Connectivity and data transfer workarounds
  • STUN and TURN servers provided by Twilio as a bridge between devices
In Phase Two, MDBerry outlined a course to improve the customer experience and allow the software to be utilized in the regulatory framework of new markets.
  • Compliance with HIPAA requirements checklist
  • Access and clearances for users coming in from different networks
  • Email marketing software integration
  • Cloud-based SMS communication platform integration


Smart IT retired the legacy CRM software and developed a custom CRM software solution enriched with a new set of features and third party integrations:
  • Customized video streaming
  • Low-latency network configuration
  • Cross-compatibility with all devices
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Access and permissions
  • Online survey form for new clients
  • Email marketing services integration
  • Cloud communication platform integration
  • Continuous support and maintenance
Phase Two of software development is an ongoing part of the collaboration between MDBerry and Smart IT.
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    user growth after four months
  • 5

    new markets entered
  • 27

    months of development (and counting)
  • 5

    person fully dedicated team


Wesley Rozhnov, CEO


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Great service, professional team. All issues were resolved in timely manner. Loved their work and will definitely use them again for my future project.

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