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We deliver digital software-as-a-service solutions built to bring value to your business. Whether you need a brand new solution or updating an existing product, we can be your new SaaS product development partner!

Our SaaS product development services

Our comprehensive approach lets us meet any needs in the SaaS development process.

Our SaaS product development principles

Whether you are a SaaS company looking for custom software development or a business only just pivoting to a SaaS application business model, we have cloud computing experience to help

Bringing our expertise to SaaS development

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Client: Leading provider of on-demand CRM SOFTWARE

6 software engineers engineers employing Java 8/11, Multithreading, Google Guice, HBase, Kafka, MySQL, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Python, ZooKeeper, Memcached


Leading CRM provider

Client: ONLINE TICKETS service provider

Dedicated team size: 6 Software Engineers, 1 Project Manager, 1 Web Designer, 1 Quality Assurance Engineer


The provider of online tickets service1

Client: IaaS provider

3 Software Engineers employing C#, REST API, AngularJS, IIS, Entity Framework, MSMQ, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL


Virtual server management system1

Client: Global provider of MOBILE AD-TECH services

«Smart-IT Ltd. provides high-quality developers because they have built employee loyalty and retain true talent.» - Victor Saider, VP of Product


What our SaaS product development service delivers to your business


SaaS software development at its best

Сompanies making the transition to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model need to set the bar for quality if they plan to succeed. Complex software integrations, application developments and upgrades may be required to make your software impeccable for market launch. It can be a bumpy road up ahead, but with the right team of consultants and technology partners the change can become seamless and efficient.

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Technologies and tools

As a SaaS software development company, Smart IT knows how to leverage technology and industry trends to help niche businesses reach their objectives. The best software brains of Smart IT are winners in worldwide competitive programming championships, who spend every day honing their skills in established and new technology tools. Our software development talent is on the top of their game and ready to tackle new challenges.

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Our SaaS development agency focus

When you need to develop a SaaS application

What you get by outsourcing SaaS development with us

  • Multi-tenancy and security

    We build SaaS solutions with multi-tenancy cloud architecture. This ensures maximum performance as well as enhanced security while reducing maintenance and upkeep costs for your business

  • Scalability

    One of the biggest SaaS requirements is on-demand scalability. We provide SaaS applications development services for your business to facilitate rapid growth

  • High adoption rate

    Take advantage of custom SaaS development and acquire fast and secure access to important applications and resources for all of your users, regardless of their location


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  • icon Why not all of your case studies mention your client's names?
  • icon How do you vet your software developers?
  • icon How will I manage my dedicated development team?
  • icon How do you guarantee the safety and protection of my data?
  • icon My product domain is not featured in your product development expertise showcase. Can you still help me?
  • icon What happens if I'd want to end up our collaboration?
  • icon Do you offer other collaboration options besides a Dedicated team??>

    Our core competency is in creating Dedicated Teams that add value to businesses before, during, and after product release. However, if that fits better your needs or your vision of collaboration, we offer Time and Material based engagement or a Staff Augmentation model. Either way, we'll be happy to hear from you and offer you the best option for your requirements.

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    Choosing to go with Smart IT you are investing your time and money into a small, but nonetheless talented business and IT services provider. We employ the top talent available in our R&D region. All software engineers are carefully vetted to uphold the best standards of language, ethics, and skills. We make clients happy and happy clients have shared their thoughts with the world. We encourage you to browse through our case studies and testimonials. You can also find reviews on websites like Clutch and GoodFirms straight from the horse’s mouth, so to say.

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  • icon Why not all of your case studies mention your client's names??>

    If Batman went around telling everyone he was Bruce Wayne, his unmasked alter ego would hardly be able to keep his business empire running smoothly, wouldn’t he? While our clients are not Batman, though we do like to think of them as awesome, they do value their anonymity. We do not have a problem with being Alfred in that relationship and safeguarding their true identity. If the time is right to hang up the cape and step into the public light, we would be more than happy to showcase your brand emblem in our Hall of Fame.

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  • icon How do you vet your software developers??>

    We put them together in a gladiatorial arena match, where the best bone code cruncher wins. Just kidding. On a more serious note, all developers have to pass a series of written tasks, meticulously compiled by our CTO before being admitted to interview. Once there our CTO runs a one-on-one skill check. Last but not least, our candidate sits for another interview directly with the CEO himself. Did we mention we also welcome hires with a background in competitive programming? This way, we make sure our clients get the great of the crop.

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  • icon How will I manage my dedicated development team??>

    Under normal circumstances, we always meet with our clients face-to-face when it's possible. But now, with this crazy corona pandemic, it's 100% remote collaboration. Essentially, your dedicated team will adopt the communication and productivity tools that you are familiar with, or will use the tools that work best. You can be the main point of contact for communicating with the team or appoint somebody else in your in-house team to do that.

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  • icon How do you guarantee the safety and protection of my data??>

    Our data protection policy is governed by the principles of GDPR and CCPA. Moreover, our mutual NDA signed between vendor and client, extends to our employees, who sign a non-disclosure agreement. Basically, we take a legal oath to protect your data on every level and pledge to keep it.

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  • icon My product domain is not featured in your product development expertise showcase. Can you still help me??>

    Of course, the sky's the limit! We want to get many more industries on this page, but that takes time. We are keen to build out a portfolio of cases and industries based on the professional domains of our clients. We would love to explore a new niche or build a picture of a major industry relevant to you. So if you have a project in an unlisted industry, definitely reach out to us to see how we can help.

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  • icon What happens if I'd want to end up our collaboration??>

    We destroy the hard-drives, unplug the servers, and erase all trace of the work done! Just kidding - lol! Our goal is to build sustainable partnerships with our clients, and we truly hope that ending our collaboration won't happen unless for a really good reason. Also, on top of product engineering services, we are happy to offer support and maintenance at any stage of development, even once everything is complete. One of the win-win options in this sense is to become your long-term partner of choice and a center of excellence that supports your business activities on a regular basis.

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Testimonials and reviews

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  • Online Ticketing Software Platform for ByCard
    1. ByCard is the first major online ticketing platform in the Eastern European country of Belarus. The company sells tickets online to movies, concerts, festivals, theatre, and sports events. Discover how the Smart IT team developed the entire platform architecture, made the necessary third-party integrations and programmed the internet-connected ticket terminals.

  • 37

    months of development
  • 60+

    vending terminals nationwide
  • 9

    person team
  • #1

    online ticketing service in the country

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