2018: The Year of Blockchain

It looks like the globe is on fire trading crypto, but is digital currency the only use case of distributed ledger technology?

In this article we will find out what blockchain is and reasons it became mainstream as well as the heights it can reach in 2018.

Blockchain for Dummies

Distributed ledger technology is a pool of peer-to-peer transactions with no authority at its core controlling and monitoring the ecosystem.

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Machine Learning and AI Tools to Help Scale a Business

Many online and offline entrepreneurs choose AI-based tools to run their daily routine. Why? Because artificial intelligence frees up time they’d spend on tasks that could be outsourced to an app or an online tool.

Here is our list of solutions for startups and mature medium size businesses to ease up the daily life of managers and teams. This list presents some technology that helps entrepreneurs bring some of their daily operations to the next level and become better at:

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Leading Companies decide to Partner to Create AI-powered Solutions

It might sound odd when you hear some of the notorious companies joined forces with their competitors. But if it were to for good reasons, they would have probably done it, right?

Recently, one of the portals that take a close-up look at technologies disrupting our lives, published two articles. One of them is about the strategic partnership of Facebook and tech giant Intel, and another one is related to Microsoft and e-commerce giant Amazon teaming up to benefit developers.

What is Intel Nervana?

Along with a few more partners, Navin Rao, the author at Nervana Systems (subsidiary of Intel since 2016) began the project in 2014.

The idea behind the venture was to create a SaaS platform that would give companies an opportunity to create custom-tailored deep learning solutions.This San Diego based company got MUSD24.4 in funding totally (series A, last funding type). Read more

What do we know about Information bottleneck?

Humankind has progressed moving by simple laziness or inspiration for ages taking the path of trial and error. Deep neural networks are just another example of how deep learning as a theory has taken over so many spheres of our lives puzzling human beings who laid very little hope on their success.

We know that neural network is similar to our brains. It has artificial layers resembling the thinking apparatus of human beings. Due to multiple training sessions, artificial neural network gains the ability to identify objects from pictures as good as we do confirming the good old “practice makes perfect” rule applies to machines.

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What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is a relatively new discipline which belongs to a larger area of machine learning. Deep learning emerged as yet another attempt to glue Machine learning to AI. The main idea of the whole process is to educate machine on things that are in the natural power of human beings. Based on the text, visuals, or sounds, computers are expected to learn classification tasks using a large set of labelled data and neural network architectures that consist of numerous layers. Read more

Anatomy of M2M

With more businesses relying heavily on M2M and IoT solutions to lower the costs and speed up time-to-market, in the following post we cover some basic terms related to these buzz words.

Let us look first at the global architecture of the whole eco-system and call a spade a spade

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Can you tell apart IoT from M2M?

Logic Relation between the 2 Categories

We heard IoT and M2M are used to bring objects and systems to interact with one another in order to enable data exchange among them. In the following post, we will try to cross the t-s and define those differences that often people ignore speaking about IoT and M2M using these terms interchangeably. If you have a look at these 2 technologies and try to picture them with Euler’s circles to present the connection between them, the IoT subset will be broader and include M2M.

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) – How does it work?

We all hear this strange abbreviation: “M2M” here and there and almost everywhere. We just know it could make our life simpler somehow and we all heard it is connected with machines and IT.  But how does it actually works?

The M2M, which stands for machine-to-machine communications, means the technology that connects machines that are distant from one another using the help of the Internet; and most of these connections are controlled by software.

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Scoop of Industry Trends from around the Globe (Part 1)

Continuing to explore the future of IoT, here, we will try to unveil the common trends in several application areas of this powerful technology and examine what it will bring. Now let’s center our attention on robotics and drons, shopping, logistics as well as consumer journey, smart homes, and wearables.

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