Microfinance Product Engineering for Finitera

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    MVP Development

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    Custom Software Development for Startups

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Smart IT is actively involved in the development and customization of a lending platform for microfinance business Finitera.


Finitera is a financial services business working in the unsecured lending and alternate finance industries. The company offers personal loans to individuals and businesses across three geographical markets. Finitera employs an in-house team of over 450 employees and outsources a dedicated team of 10 professionals from Smart IT.


The Client originally acquired an out of the box-solution that had to be further developed into a fully working digital service. They realized that they needed to quickly assemble a team of software developers, who could adapt the software to their needs without having to go through a time-consuming talent sourcing process. Moreover, Finitera wanted to expand the business into new markets, which required making modifications to the software to comply with local regulations.

Technologies and tools

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Challenges and Solutions

Finitera turned to Smart IT for software development and quick ramp-up of a dedicated team of software engineers and managers.
  • Extensive business analysis of new market requirements
  • Module and feature development for new workflows
  • Core platform design and customization
  • MVP developments for new jurisdictions
The lending platform would not be able to function without a number of third-party application integrations, allowing communication with:
  • Bank platforms
  • Credit history systems
  • Payment service providers


As a result of our collaboration the Client marked:
  • Successful market expansion
  • Customer base growth
Apart from ongoing software quality assurance and IT support for the banking and lending platform, Smart IT is also responsible for:
  • Further backend and frontend development
  • Website development for company’s brands
  • Systems maintenance and business continuity
For almost three years Smart IT has been the core IT team for Finitera. The company’s teams are committed to helping the Client grow.
  • 150K

    new customers in less than a year
  • 26

    months of development (and counting)
  • 10

    person full-time team
  • 2

    new markets entered


Zigmars Rudzitis, Head of Software



Committed to delivering high-quality solutions, Smart IT has been an excellent partner, integrating well into the internal team. They’re technically skilled and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the project is successful. Customers can expect a talented, well-managed team.

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