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Update: Aug 01, 2022 | 8 min read

4 Growth Strategies of the Top Ecommerce Companies

When chief managers finally become satisfied with their company’s market position, the competition instantly shakes them up and incentivizes them to keep progressing. It is especially the case for the ecommerce industry, which is extremely competitive. Such giants like Amazon and Walmart, Shopify, and BigCommerce are always competing for a greater market share. To stay […]

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Update: Sep 13, 2022 | 10 min read

7 Successful SaaS Tools for Ecommerce

Since the ecommerce market is expanding by 18% annually after 2020, market players face increasing competition. This trend induces companies to seek a forward-looking technology backup. In recent years, the ecommerce market has been reshaped by SaaS technologies, exhibiting a CAGR of 12,5%. All the reasons boil down to one major factor – greater flexibility. […]

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