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Update: Aug 20, 2020 | 7 min read

How the Cloud disrupted IT outsourcing

Michael Astashkevich has been CTO at Smart IT for over 6 years and has witnessed the transition from dedicated physical servers to cloud-based infrastructures. In this post, Michael lends his time and voice to speak on how cloud technology has disrupted the IT outsourcing space and what it means for offshoring.

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Update: Aug 13, 2020 | 10 min read

2019: Year in Review

As we step into a new decade new and emerging software products and services are bound to shape the world. New technologies have already started doing just that and no one is to know for sure what developments will be around the corner. Chiming in to the sounds of the bells that proclaim the coming […]

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Update: Aug 21, 2020 | 1 min read

Cloud Computing and Edge Computing Compared [Infographic]

Cloud computing and edge computing have transformed the way data is stored and processed today. While the two approaches are different, they are nonetheless interrelated and oftentimes symbiotic. Product engineering firms and application integration service providers apply these network infrastructure paradigms for the benefits they can produce for business. Yet, the benefits of either are […]

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