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Dec 27, 2019 | 1 min read

Cloud Computing and Edge Computing Compared [Infographic]

Pavel Kaplunou , Marketing Communications

Cloud computing and edge computing have transformed the way data is stored and processed today. While the two approaches are different, they are nonetheless interrelated and oftentimes symbiotic. Product engineering firms and application integration service providers apply these network infrastructure paradigms for the benefits they can produce for business. Yet, the benefits of either are not equally conducive to all business requirements.

Distributed computing systems are closely linked to the world of smart devices and the Internet of Things, however, without exclusion to other fields of application such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare etc.

Though a surplus of comparisons between the two virtual network infrastructure types is readily available on the internet, seldom does one encounter a memorable visual aid to keep on hand. The infographic below compares cloud and edge computing side by side.

In between the two infrastructure types also lies fog computing, an infrastructure that incorporates the best of both worlds. Not only does it help surpass some of the limitations of the cloud and the edge systems, but it also consolidates the value of both. Smart IT previously explored Fog Integration with IoT systems.

Cloud Computing and Edge Computing Compared

27 December 2019


Pavel Kaplunou, Marketing Communications

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