Jan 24, 2018 | 3 min read

Machine Learning and AI Tools to Help Scale a Business

Alexander Kulitski , CEO at Smart IT

Many online and offline entrepreneurs choose AI-based tools to run their daily routines. Why? Because artificial intelligence frees up the time on tasks that could be outsourced to an app or an online tool. Here is our list of solutions for startups and mature medium size businesses to ease up the daily life of managers and teams. This list presents some technology that helps entrepreneurs bring their daily operations to the next level and become better at:

Managing your schedule effectively

As per Zapier, there are off-grid apps that think on your behalf and arrange the time slots to fit all the meetings and conference calls into your busy schedule. For example, Web-based Assistant takes the info from Google calendar and through integrations with conference calling tools such as Join.me or GoToMeeting plans your working days; this scheduling tool is free of charge.

Another web-based scheduling technology, Calendly best suits the needs of those who are tired of arranging recurring meetings. It stores the meeting types you had in the past and allows you to pick the suitable one the next time without much hustle.

Timegrid could be handy when budgets are tight. This technology is there to enable collaboration among stakeholders through online appointments; the best thing about it is the price for it is an open source tool that anyone can use.

Creating better sales pipeline

Lead management platforms are another area of application of machine learning that a business owner can greatly benefit from. For instance, Close.io by Elasticsales.com eliminates manual data entry and keeps an eye on all inbound and outbound emails. The renowned tool promises to seal more deals through a number of automated features. Potential buyers can enjoy a free 2-week trial to explore the capabilities of Close.io.

Teamleader is a similar tool that brings together a project management suite, easy billing, and contact management to leave more time to things that truly matter and cannot be handled without human help. It brings coaching sessions to those sales reps who are lagging behind and encourages them to focus on insights they may have missed out on.

Salesflare is the next in sequence of instruments to release loads of free time a typical associate would spend on digging through emails and prospecting for contact details. The intelligent tool searches the correspondence and extracts all the necessary info on your behalf.

Influencing people on social media

Chat bots have augmented and, sometimes, even replaced the human touch. Converseon calls itself a “socially-led digital consultancy” and offers customers insights based on digital footprints users leave on the web.

To stay ahead of the pack, there is one more technology that drives superior results through appealing content and helps brands accelerate. Connecting the dots in the content space by monitoring the actions of your chosen competitors and using the concepts is a way to bring greater success to your promo strategy. Unmetric is there to automate the analytics and enable brands to gain larger online presence with less effort.

When it comes to real content creation, business owners can definitely benefit from scooping users comments about the brand on the Internet. Gather the cream of the crop mentions and feature them on your website to attract more eyes to the offerings.

24 January 2018


Alexander Kulitski, CEO at Smart IT

Alex is Founder and CEO of Smart IT and is the co-founder and executive CTO at MEDvidi. Being a serial entrepreneur, he is a keen investor in technology startups and runs several successful side projects besides Smart IT and MEDvidi. [email protected]