Apr 07, 2017 | 2 min read

Machine-to-Machine Technology: Why We Should All Pay Attention

Alexander Kulitski , CEO at Smart IT

In the past few years, a number of new technologies has emerged and taken over our lives. If before we used to joke about smart toasters and talking washing machines, now it’s becoming more and more of a reality, especially when it comes to M2M. This technology is incredibly promising, rapidly developing into something that we will soon be using on a daily basis.

How our lives benefit from M2M

Without any doubt, our lives become easier when we put less effort into everyday tasks. This is what M2M does for us, and this is what the term “smart devices” really means. “Machine-to-machine” stands for communication between devices that have built-in sensors to collect certain types of data. The data is later processed by an application that decides what action has to be taken next. It will then send a message to the user notifying them about the action.

It sounds quite simple. However, M2M technology can be called the “technology of the future”. But you don’t have to be Marty McFly to experience it – M2M is already being used in many spheres today.

The key benefits of M2M for everyday use are:

  • Security: devices can monitor movement and alarm the user in case of intrusion
  • Constant monitoring of core microclimate indicators like room temperature and humidity
  • Automated monitoring in healthcare and fitness applications.

Popular M2M Applications

One of the most popular applications for machine-to-machine is the smart home, which many people use already. It includes control and automation of air conditioning, ventilation, music, lighting, home appliances, security and many more functions. M2M technology is especially useful for people with young children or elderly relatives as the smart home system notifies users in case of any emergency.

Another fast-growing sphere where M2M is popular is the healthcare field. It includes a great amount of services from fitness bracelets to patient monitoring in hospitals. Everyone can benefit from M2M.

With machine-to-machine communication, you can basically track and monitor anything enabled for such use: the temperature in your car, the state of your body, the devices in your home… The possibilities are truly endless.

07 April 2017


Alexander Kulitski, CEO at Smart IT

Alex is Founder and CEO of Smart IT and is the co-founder and executive CTO at MEDvidi. Being a serial entrepreneur, he is a keen investor in technology startups and runs several successful side projects besides Smart IT and MEDvidi. [email protected]