“We turned to Smart IT for a solution, for they had a sizable workforce with proven experience in development, optimization and maintenance of web and mobile gaming apps and high-load back-end systems underlying them. Smart IT joined the project, and quickly executed solution architecture and design, development, and quality assurance. As a result, we owe Smart IT increased performance and facilitated configuration of all types of updates.”

Andy Savage, R&D Manager, WowWee

WowWee is a leading designer, developer, marketer and distributor of innovative hi-tech consumer robotic, entertainment and digital products. The diverse range of client`s products needed constant software updates. Since there was no unified system of updates delivery the process became extremely difficult. To find the solution to the issue WowWee addressed Smart IT to face the challenge.
Smart IT performed a thorough analysis of client’s requirements and offered to establish a multi-module control panel for updates’ management.

How It Works

The solution was developed from scratch since the existing solutions on the market were unsuitable for processing a great number of specific use cases, like uploading new game modes to the robotic toys system or continuous delivery of applications` advertisements in one click.

At the same time, there was no need for unique UI. Therefore, it was customized, which helped to reduce development expenses.

The delivered multi-module structure enables the client to update certain parts of functionality without any need to update the whole application.

The implemented solution includes 5 modules:

  • Advertisement module – adds set-up and distribution
  • Application module – app navigation
  • Firmware module – changing and updating system files
  • Configurations module – management of applications’ configuration files
  • Messages module – changing and updating text files of sent messages

The multi-module structure provided an opportunity to establish strong security restrictions – admins have rights only within their module; they cannot change or update things in the modules restricted for them. The head administrator only has access to all modules, tracks changes and approves authorization of new users.

Implementing the Smart IT solution enabled WowWee to set up and automate the process of updates delivery.

During the project, Smart IT had to cope with several challenges to provide flawless solution functioning.
High risk of security breaches.

Authorized system users can influence the functioning of all WowWee applications. To prevent the possibility of unexpected damage Smart IT implemented a two-stage authorization system via text messages as a first step and Google Authenticator as a second one. All the information is send for validation to the back-end. The chosen security approach provides users with rights necessary for their level, thus eliminating the risk of system damage.

Large number of entities complicated the access to solution data.

Smart IT developed a multi-module system with specific administration rights. Admins have the access to only one module, while others are unavailable for them. The approach allowed optimizing solution workflow and amplified security protection.

The implementation of the new solution allowed WowWee to enjoy easy automation of updates delivery. The offered solution assisted WowWee in workflow set-up, helped automate updates delivery and allowed keeping the audience informed round-the-clock. Along with that the implemented two-level authorization approach allowed protecting systems API and preventing security breaches. Applications managing the robotic toys have strict security rules, which keeps system information safe and untouched. Today the application is successfully used within the company and facilitates the system update process.